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Reuben Chase are a specialised technology recruitment firm headquartered in the City of London. Our clients range from top-tier investment banks in the heart of financial centres globally to disruptive tech start-ups in the Digital hubs of Shoreditch and San Francisco. We pride ourselves on being able to ‘stand out from the crowd’ – the very foundation of our philosophy is built on understanding your requirements. 90% of our current consultants come from highly technical backgrounds (ie algorithmic trader, HSBC software engineer, Computer Sciences graduate to name a few).

We believe that it is imperative to build and maintain valuable relationships. The only way to do this is to ensure we have a strong grasp of the technology and utilise the very latest talent management solutions.



  • It’s all we do – Day in day out
  • On average we screen/speak to approximately 120 candidates a day. We make sure you get the right candidate who fits both your technical requirements and your company culture
  • Reuben Chase prides itself on its recruiters being extremely technically proficient in their sector 
  • We have a sizeable monthly budget to source the best candidates, giving us access to:



  • We work the the mindset to really question candidate’s motivations, development skills and interpersonal skills
  • We screen/speak all the application candidates so you don’t have to
  • Before the final interview we take all references
  • Money back guarantee – if the candidate doesn’t work out in the first 4 weeks we won’t charge you a penny




by understanding what you really want in a candidate.

Allow us to demonstrate what we can do by sourcing you the best 3 Software Development candidates in the market today.


If you wish to discuss your requirements with us, call +44 (0) 203 693 2222 today for a no obligation trial run.